Celgene Patient Support® provides healthcare professionals and patients with a dedicated, central point of contact to assist with identifying financial assistance options and obtaining insurance approval for Celgene medications. No matter what a patient’s insurance situation, a range of options are available that may help pay for their Celgene medication. Patient co-pay responsibility is reduced to $25 or less for eligible patients taking Celgene medications.
A single Celgene Patient Support® Specialist is assigned to each office and patient, ensuring personal access and reimbursement support. Our Specialists include nurses, pharmacy technicians, and social workers. Together, we can help patients get their Celgene medication.

Celgene Patient Support® offers the following financial assistance options and insurance-related services:
Financial Assistance Options*

  • Celgene Commercial Co-pay Program
  • Co-payment/Co-insurance assistance through third party organizations
  • Celgene Free Medication Program
  • Transportation assistance to help patients with the cost of traveling to and from their doctors appointments

Insurance-Related Services

  • Benefits investigation
  • Help with prior authorization/precertification
  • Appeals assistance after insurance denial
  • Researching alternative coverage options
  • Fast Track for First Prescription™

*Subject to eligibility requirements. Celgene Patient Support® is not health insurance.
Enrolling with Celgene Patient Support® is simple



Celgene Patient Support® is a registered trademark of Celgene Corporation.

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