President Kari A. Young, CPA

CHOP President Kari A. Young, CPA, has worked in oncology for over 9 years out of “24 years of experience in executive management, policy, development, strategic planning, organizational development, and technical execution.”

When asked what her ideal job would be, Kari replied “I don’t think there is any such thing as an ideal job. Use of the words ‘ideal’ and ‘job’ in the same sentence is counterintuitive!” She added “All joking aside, I have been very fortunate throughout my career to work in positions where I am challenged to constantly learn new things and to use the full extent of my education, expertise, and skills. “

“I have had the privilege to work with some pretty fabulous people; bosses, co-workers, colleagues, patients, vendors and more!”

She was recruited into oncology at Hematology Oncology Associates in Albuquerque by a previous boss who was a consultant for the group. Her boss was the CEO at SED Medical Laboratories and hired Kari as CFO. About 8 years later Kari’s previous boss helped HOA strategically define and create the Executive Administrator position Kari was hired for and continues in today.

The best part of her job is the mission and vision of the organization: to “provide the highest level of care for our patients using professional skill and knowledge, with compassion and respect, while preserving dignity in a comfortable and caring environment.” Kari added that “the physician owners trust my judgment enough to give me the autonomy to execute our mission.”

The worst part of Kari’s job?
“The current healthcare environment makes it very challenging to continue providing quality patient care. With mostly fixed and sometimes decreasing payer reimbursement and ever increasing costs of oncology drugs, labor and overhead it’s difficult to maintain a viable model of operations.

Add to that the increased regulatory requirements and oppressive administrative burdens placed on physicians and staff and actual time spent caring for patients is increasingly compromised. It is very frustrating to have so many outside pressures interfering with basic patient care.”

Outside her job, Kari likes reading, cycling, and attending the athletic events of her two teenagers with her husband of 23 years, Dave. Trey is 14 and will be a high school freshman, and daughter Lee (17) is currently checking out colleges, and will be a senior in the fall. Trey and Lee both swim and play soccer.

Kari loves to travel and see new places so just about anywhere would be a fun vacation destination. However the “dream” part would come in when “someone else would decide the location, make all the travel arrangements, and decide on all the activities and meals. Then I could go along and just enjoy the experience.”

She may be reached at 505-938-5858 or

Mary Jo Richards