The CMS Individual Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS) system access will be changing to a new platform called Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) during the First Quarter of 2015.  Please monitor the Novitas website for additional information on this change that will be forthcoming.

This change will affect and impact your business.  Find out what you will need to do to ensure your access to the new system is available prior to this change below!

What is EIDM?

CMS has established the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) website to provide our Business Partners with a means to apply for, obtain approval, and receive a single User ID they can use to access one or more CMS applications.

How Does This Impact You?

Your existing accesses under IACS will be transitioned over and supported by the CMS EIDM System, during the First Quarter of 2015.  See current IACS Applications that will be supported by EIDM below!

What You Need To Do

If you have an IACS User ID and password, you do not have to register again for a User ID and password. Continue to use your IACS User ID and password when you log in.

If you do not currently have access to IACS, and you are registering for one of the applications below prior to this transition, please continue to use the IACS registration procedures detailed on CMS website.  If you choose to wait until after this transition, you will need to wait and register within the EIDM system.

How Will Novitas Solutions Assist You?

Novitas Solutions can only support and assist with questions regarding the Novitasphere Portal Application. Questions pertaining to applications other than the Novitasphere Portal must be directed to the helpdesk assigned for that application. Included below is a list of all applicable contact information.

Bundled Payments EFT Bundled Payments EFT Help Desk
COB MAPD Help Desk 800-927-8069
Monday – Friday 6am – 9pm EST
CPC CPC Help Desk 800-381-4724
Monday – Friday 6am – 10pm EST
Saturday 8am – 12pm EST
CSR MAPD Help Desk 800-927-8069
Monday – Friday 6am – 9pm EST
DMEPOS CBIC Help Desk 877-577-5331
ECRS EDI Help Desk 646-458-6740
Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm EST
Gentran Gentran support 866-440-3805
HPG MCARE Help Desk 866-440-3805
Internet Server Internet Server support
MDR MAPD Help Desk 800-927-8069
6am – 9pm EST
MED EUS Help Desk 866-484-8049
866-523-4759 TTY/TDD
7am – 7pm EST
myCGS CGS DME JC Provider Call Center 1-866-270-4909
Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm CST
Novitasphere Novitasphere Helpdesk 855-880-8424
Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm EST
PQRS/eRx QNet Help Desk 866-288-8912
6am – 6pm EST
PS&R/STAR EUS Help Desk 866-484-8049
866-523-4759 TTY/TDD
7am – 7pm EST
PV/PQRS Registration System Primary: QualityNet Helpdesk
Secondary: PV Helpdesk
Primary: 1-866-288-8912
Secondary: 1-888-734-6433
Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm EST
The SPOT FCSO Helpdesk 904-791-8550
VMS Client Letter VMS Help Desk 410-832-8308 (select option 1)
Monday – Friday 7am to 7pm EST